April 8th Meeting – Party and More

Traditionally, the April meeting is WARA’s anniversary. We will share whatever treats our members bring, some memories, member updates, and just enjoy each other!

This month’s writing craft discussion will center around Beginning to Write. We will talk about using Dialogue, Internalization, Narration, adding Sensory Details, and showing Body Language. There will be some basic handouts. Bring your own thoughts on the subjects and experiences.

The writing exercises for this month are:

WORDS: fog – lime green – confused – rose – ear

PROMPT: Think about your favorite place and describe it using sensory descriptions.


March 11th Meeting – Digging Deeper

Our writing craft focus this month will be on Digging Deeper. We will discuss understanding goal, motivation, and conflict; using a GMC Template; how to use Point of View; when and why to use subplots; plotting basics; using a Novel Outline Template; using effective hooks; turning points; and understanding scenes and sequels.

If you have information you want to share as handouts/printouts on any of the above subjects, add them…or send them to me and I will add them for you.

Be sure to bring any issues you’re having on a current writing project. We are here to help each other.

if you want to try a writing challenge, again, these are the March items. You can use any/all of the words in a sentence, a scene, a short story. Or you can try your hand at the writing prompt.

WORDS: snow – sky blue – cautious – cactus – foot

PROMPT: Write from the viewpoint of a cactus – what’s it like to live in the dessert or have a “prickly personality.”


Sept 10 Meeting – Brainstorming and More

Join us at our regular meeting place at Sheridan Village, 3-5 pm.

Brainstorming:  Feel free to bring something on which you want feedback: first chapter, chapter where it all falls apart, plot twist, character that won’t behave. We’ll see what we can do to brainstorm you through it.

Writing Prompt: Come up with something that interests you to write briefly about.

OR …Imagine you are in your house and water is rising around it. You may have a half hour or a half day before it rises to the top of the ceiling of the highest room. What do you do? What do you gather? What steps do you take to get to safety?