Blossom Sings with Her Friends

Blossom Sings with Her Friends: Book 2 in the Blossom and Matilda Series

Book 2 in the children’s book series aimed at ages 3-9, grades pre-school to third grade, shows how friends can share many things.


Blossom, an adventurous and curious cow, has a vivid imagination that she shares with her friends. She enjoys life on the farm, hoof-dancing sometimes and singing, too. She also loves her new family and her good friends: Ferdie, Mathilda, and Steve. And she gets a new friend, too. Hamish.

Come share in Blossom’s newest adventure with her friends.

Categories: Children’s Books, Humor, Animals, Farm, Friends

Author: Starla Criser

Publisher: Starla Enterprises, Inc.

Illustrator: Sharon Revell

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