Jan 14 Meeting – Re-firing

A friend of mine, a director for a local senior center, hates the word “retirement.” She prefers the term “re-firing.” The former word implies withdrawal from an active working life. The latter is more of changing that former life into something new.

The WARA group struggled the past year with the question of whether or not to stay in existence. Was there really a need for the group?

After much discussion, we decided “yes” there is a need for the group. Maybe not in the original form, but in a modified form that meets the desires for something useful to the current members.

As part of our “re-firing” effort, we will have a monthly focus on a particular aspect of the writing craft. There will be discussions on how that relates to each of our writers. We will share our experiences on the focus subject, as well as our concerns with struggling in some manner. We will offer education and support.

Additionally, we have lowered the annual dues to $10 because our expenses are minimal at this time. We are also changing to a new location for the meetings. See the address listed on the home page.

Check out the Meetings list to see the proposed schedule of focus programs for 2018.

Starla Criser

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